BHMS, Lucerne


What about getting trained at the Business and Hotel Management School or just enjoying Lucerne in Switzerland?


Do you know Lucerne?

Please fill the following words into the open cloze text.

Fat      Nouvel Dirty      Rigi      Jean      Bridge      Mount      Reuss      Pilatus      transport      1333      Ash      Chapel

The city has approximately 55’900 citizens. It is surrounded by __________(1) __________(2) and __________(3). Lucerne is considered the first and foremost tourist destination in Switzerland. The most famous __________(4) __________(5) (Kapellbrücke) is a long wooden bridge and was originally built in __________(6).
There is also a Culture and Convention Center (KKL) by __________(7) __________(8)and the Swiss Transpot Museum, which exhibits all forms of __________(9).
The river __________(10) flows through the old part of the city.
Its carnival, which starts every year on the Thursday before __________(11) Wednesday with a big bang, is also very known. There is a big parade on __________(12) Thursday and the following Monday called __________(13) Monday.

Would you like to work in the hospitality sector?

What are, according to you, the advantages and disadvantages in this field?

(Do you like to work with and for people? Do you mind working on weekends?)

List some professions in the hospitality and some in the non- hospitality sector.

valleys      meats      food      few      ticking      meaningful      judge      hard      on      director      through      skill      why      reliability      want      used

A soup is not such a __________(1) thing to cook but try to do it for 200 people. In the school kitchen the time is __________(2) by.These students are new at the Hotel Management School. Only a __________(3) have any cooking experience. They have to get __________(4) to all sorts of stress. The school director, Mr. Kurt Imhof says that he __________(5) so see for himself how they are getting __________(6) in the kitchen. These students are going to be hotel directors so __________(7) do they have to work in the kitchen?

The __________(8) answers that there are 2 resaons:

1)Later they will be able to have __________(9) talks with the chefs.

2) They also learn  about team work.

Some basic rules have not changed much in the last 100 years.

In this video from 1959 students have to go __________(10) pretty hard rules in the kitchen.They have to arrange a plate of mixed __________(11).

(watch the video with subtitles.)Today’s students smile at these pictures, but it is still practised today how to put __________(12) on a plate in a nicer way.Some values such as   __________(13), punctuality or discipline are still the same.Another __________(14) a hotel management student has to learn is to taste wine. They taste 10 noble wines from the __________(15). Wine contains alcohol. It’s not funny to do this, if after some wine you are unfit to __________(16). So the golden rule is:

a hotel manager should always keep his cool and rembember that his guest comes first.

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