President Obama’s speech/Cairo


Some general thoughts in accordance with President Obama’s speech in   Cairo

Due to the fact that this has been a very important speech, I would like to watch it, at least in part, together with my students and speak about the content because there are, according to me, many general truths in it, also for us .

a) Are the tensions between the United States and the Muslims rooted in historical forces and do they go beyond the current policy debate? If we have tensions  in our lives are they usually only because of a present problem or do they often go deeper?

b) What are the sweeping changes brought by modernity responsible for? Do we have problems with other cultures in our world?

c) What have the violent extremists done?

d) As long as a relationship is defined by differences, those who sow hatred rather than peace are empowered. (Explain this word.)

e) America and Islam need not be in competition instead they …………….and share common principles.

f) The Holy Koran tells us to be ……………………. of Good and speak always the truth.

g)   What are people nowadays in general looking for?

h)  Are the shared interests more important or those which separate us?

i) What has the Islam brought to our Western world in the past centuries?

k) Which was the first nation to recognize America?

l) What have the religions or countries to be based on?

m) List the most common aspirations of the human being and what do we have to do to  make them come true?

n)What happens if only a single innocent person is killed?

o) Can the sentence by Thomas Jefferson: “ I hope that our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us that the less we use it the greater it will be.” tell us something about our everyday life?

p) How should Muslim women be dressed in the Western world according to you?

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