Leonardo da Vinci in Locarno?

Pala Cinema, Locarno

Pala Cinema, Locarno,

Leonardo Da Vinci in Locarno?

Leonardo in Locarno. Auf deutsch siehe unten.
Many people may know Locarno as a beautiful and clean holiday restort, for its filmfestival or thanks to the concerts on the „Piazza“ but few may have heard of the possibility that there may be a piece of art by the very famous Leonardo da Vinci.

From the following video and transcript  published by


we understand that specialist from around the world have been researching on whether the „Rivellino“, the rampart of the castle, can be attributed for sure to Leonardo Da Vinci. Referring to the video or transcript ,please match the two halves of the sentences below so that they make sense.


a)It is possible that other people employed by Milan’s rulers

b) adapted Da Vinci’s plans.

1.  Prof. Pedretti from the L.A. University on Leonardo’s studies is

2.   Mrs. Carla Speziali is

3.    Mrs. Speziali also said that it would be

4.    Mr. Sciolli, joint owner of the Rivellino, is of the opinion that, if the Rivellino was done by Leonardo,

5.    An Italian expert on Da Vinci thinks that he cannot have done it

6.    Leonardo was clearly in Switzerland and it was him

7.    It seems just a matter of time..

8.   The Swiss had seized the Bellinzona

9.   The French King was afraid that

10.  Leonardo seems to have been in Switzerland exactly in

a) in 1507.

b) it’s priceless.

c) convinced that Leonardo was at work in Locarno.

d) the mayor of Locarno.

e) castle from the Milanese.

f) an icing on the cake.

g) before Locarno Da Vinci’s code is cracked..

h) because the walls between the windows are the wrong size.

i) who designed and built pentagonal buildings.

k) The German King Maximilian I would launch an attack on his kingdom.


Il castello visconteo

Il castello visconteo,Locarno


Now a few sentences about the region’s history which you can translate either into  German or Italian.

The Helvetii people were the first inhabitants of the area at about 800 B.C. This Celtic tribe was sent away by the Romans or more precisely by Julius Caesar in the 5th century A.D.

Most of the time the land was ruled by the Franks in a fedual system. Switzerland succeeded in getting free from the German Emperor Maximilian I of the Hapsburg in 1499.

The French Revolution brought a lot of liberals into the country and in the 18th century Switzerland was the most industrialized country in Europe. In 1803 Locarno was included into the Ticino canton.  In 1815 the Swiss borders were fixed and in 1848 the Federal Constitution drawn up.

Hier ist der Link zu einem Bericht auf deutsch bezüglich des Aufenthalts von Leonardo da Vinci in Locarno.

Madonna del Sasso/F.Ramsauer

Madonna del Sasso/F.Ramsauer



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