Have you ever heard of Anna Göldin?/E/D/


My summary about Anna Göldin’s life is on my website in English, German and Italian:


I invite you to watch the following video


about this famous Swiss woman “The last witch” on swiffinfo.ch and then please combine the parts of the sentences on the left hand side with the ones one the right side.

In 1780 Anna Göldin

strange things started to happen in the household.

Anna was accused and confessed under torture and was executed

and smuggled documents out of the courtroom.

Anna had to die

tore pins out of the milk and the other fell ill and started to limp.

After having become the judge’s lover

throughout the country.

The witch case sent shockwaves

took a job with a family called „Tschudi“.

One man was without fears

because  the judge feared for his career and family due to rumours about his love affair.

The reporter at Anna’s trial was aware of the scandal of her process

for the separation of power between of the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

The ex-reporter became a campaigner

for being in leak with the devil.

One of the girls

and decided that it couldn’t be swept under the carpet.


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