Michael Moore/Capitalism

 Match the parts of the sentences on the left with those on the right side.

A. According M.M. America is not a      complete democracy because 1. his films made him a rich guy.
B. A Ponzi scheme is an 2 capitalism and legalized greed.
C. M.M. would like to see come up a system 3.Congress is being lobbied.
D.Sometimes people who don’t struggle financially 4. that covers the 21st century’s needs and has democracy at its core.
E. The filmmaker says that he will be judged 5. than the bottom 95% together.
F. The richest Americans have more  wealth 6. by how he treats the least among him.
G. M.M. is criticized because 7.take on high risks to help the less lucky ones.
H. Michael Moore’s new film deals with 8. illegal pyramid scheme by which thousands of people were duped back in the 1920s.

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