Michael Moore/Capitalism

In this interview Michael Moore, the filmmaker, speaks about his above mentioned film, which he made in 2009 and the economic crisis of the USA from 2007 onward, which seems to be a love story!! According to him the economic system of the USA was unfair then and not very democratic and should have been renewed, because 1% of the wealthy Americans possessed more financial wealth than the 95% combined! Has there been any change in this respect until today? Michael Moore also speaks about the highly efficient Japanese bullet trains, which the Americans should be built due to the many problems they have because of the combustion industry!!!! Has there been any change in this respect in the meantime??

This film seems, to me at least, highly current! We see a very worried president Carter, because people in his society are not appreciated anymore for what they did or do, but for what they own! The multinational concerns and Wallstreet therefore did their best so that Reagan became the next president and the country could be led like a company. Despite enormous profits of the companies a decline in maintenance of the industrial infrastructure followed and labour unions were ruined. Millions lost their jobs, the rich payed less taxes and the society was manipulated into spending more than it earned. This was great for the shareholders, GEOS and pharmaceutical companies, which had developed the necessary pills for the sick people!

From there onward many big concerns, such as GM, go bancruptcy and people lose their jobs. President Bush seems to be absolutely convinced that the system of free market is the right thing. PA child care seems to have been another big business. There is also the sad story of the pilot “Sullenberger”, who succeeded in landing savely in the Hudson river and saving in this way many lives. He explains in the film how difficult it has become for pilots to earn a decent salary. One also gets an idea how very big companies earned a lot of money, if their employees died. Wall Street seems now to have become a holy place and the USA a plutonomy, where only the rich people have a saying! Michael Moore, howevere, found a company in Wisconsin, where the employees are the owner!!! Great and this gives me courage.

I very much enjoyed the part, where Michael Moore asks himself and the people on the street what all these special words from the bank sector, such as swaps, really mean! Do you know where the most capable people work? Just watch the film! And dr. Salks, who found a remedy against poliomyelitis, just gave the vaccine to the  world for free. Unbelievable! It’s heartbreaking to see under what circumstances people lose all their propriety because credits/loans become more and more expensive and the debtors can’t pay them anymore. Of course, some regulations had to be changed in order to make this possible. The FBI began in 2004 in publicly warning that there was an epidemic fraud in the mortgage sector going on. The responsible people got away with all this, do you believe it! What made it worse, was the fear the news or the president spread onto the population. The Government Goldman seems to have been highly efficient in deregulating the financial system and help arrived from highest levels to save Wallstreet instead of mainstream!

And then in 2009 Barack Obama became president of the USA! It’s quite impressive to see what the power of the people can achieve! It’s, however, a great pity that the changes president Roosevelt had in mind to realize have never been put into practise, because of his death.

Whole film with subtitles in German

Match the parts of the sentences on the left with those on the right side.

A. According to M.M. America is not a complete democracy because 1. his films made him a rich guy.
B. A Ponzi scheme is an 2 capitalism and legalized greed.
C. M.M. would like to see come up a system 3.congress is being lobbied.
D.Sometimes people who don’t struggle financially 4. that covers the 21st century’s needs and has democracy at its core.
E. The filmmaker says that he will be judged 5. than the bottom 95% together.
F. The richest Americans have more  wealth 6. by how he treats the least among him.
G. M.M. is criticized because 7.take on high risks to help the less lucky ones.
H. Michael Moore’s new film deals with 8. illegal pyramid scheme by which thousands of people were duped back in the 1920s.


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