Lamb to the Slaughter/Roald Dahl/E/I

From A2/English onward

Roald Dahl’s short story  from the book “COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED TALES) and the film with the same title, which will give you goose pimples (fa venire la pelle d’oca), are almost identical. I therefore recommend you to read the story first and then watch the film.

As agreed on, we are going to speak about the story in class and we will certainly also watch the film. I think it’s great that we have this possibility!

Please put the summary of the plot into the right order:
Cold blooded she returns home, phones the police to announce that her husband had been killed while she was doing the shopping. The police come, try to find the instrument with which Mr Maloney has killed but don’t find anything.
She starts to realize the consequences her deed may have and decides to go to the corner grocery to buy potatoes and peas, telling the shop assistant that her husband wanted unexpectedly to eat at home that Thursday evening.
He finally tells her the truth which the reader does not really get to know by the writer. After having heard the shocking news, she leaves the room in order to prepare dinner. For that purpose she takes a lamb leg out of the freezer and hits it on her husband’s head.
As usual, Mrs Maloney, a devoted and pregnant houswife, is expecting her husband to come home.. She feels immediatly that something is wrong when he enters.
The lamb leg is in the meantime roasting in the oven and the policemen will help her with eating it so that all the traces or evidence vanish.


Here some help with the vocabulary:

to glance at sth. gettare uno squardo
she prepared a strongish drink for him ha preparato un drink piuttoso forte
a warm glow came out of him un piacevole bagliore uscì da parte sua
she went on with her sewing ha continuato a cucire
lamb chops fese d’agnello
to blame sb. rimproverare  qc. a qu.
to whisper bisbigliare
she rehearsed si è allenata
a slice of cheesecake una fetta di torta di formaggio
she sobbed ha pianto fortemente
he was killed with a heavy blunt instrument E’ stato ucciso con un attrezzo ottuso.
spanner chiave inglese
to get weary and a trifle exasperated diventare stanco è un po’ disperato
a sledge-hammer una mazza

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