Buoni propositi per il 2010/E/D/i?

As I’ve just come back from Malta, I can’t resist sending you the following, very funny, story about an Italian who went
to Malta and had some language problems with:

pieces- pezzi;

to pissurinare;

son of a bitch- figlio di puttana;

beach- spiaggia;

fork- forchetta;

sheet- lenzuolo;

shit- fare la cacca

This story shows us how difficult life can become if one does not understand each other and leads me to the questions

about your good intentions for the coming year!

Do you want to improve your English and German and pass the exam?
Does your wife (she) want to get better at languages?
Do you want to invest more time in studying or in buying a new car?
What do  you and your friends want to achieve in 2010?
Buoni prpositi!

Buoni prpositi!

Wie steht es mit euren Vorsätzen in Sachen Ernährung und Sport?
Die Leute im Video wollen:
fitter werden, Salat und Gemüse essen anstatt Burgers und Pommes, mehr Bewegung und Sport treiben, weniger arbeiten, mehr Wasser trinken, mehr auf die Gesundheit achten, nicht ohne Frühstück aus dem Haus gehen, realistisch bleiben,  sich einen Ausrutscher erlauben, die Familie miteinbeziehen oder einen Coach nehmen.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Ernährungsratgeber“, posted with vodpod

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