The Hill of the Dead/I/E

 Il video è in italiano e le mie domande sono in inglese per persone interessate in questa lingua.
Tick yes, if you consider the content of the sentence correct and no, if you think it’s wrong.
The Hill f the Dead right wrong
1.The Hill of the Dead lies between Somazzo, Switzerland and Uggiate, Italy
2. San Giuseppe attracts prilgrims from both sides of the border    
3. The remains of three walled in women are attributed with rain making powers .    
4 Believers climb up to the church and pray hoping to  get help for he dead    
5. People used to scrape pieces of plaster off the wall and put them into their shoes.    
6.The death cult is quite widespread and a candle is lit for he dead    
7. People brought handicapped childred to the church and put their backs against the wall in the hope to be cured.    
8. Riva San Vitale was in the grip of  terrible drought and vignard owners could only break up the earth with pick axes.    
9. Even though they prayed the rain didn’t arrive.    

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