English from A2/onward Deutsch  ab B1

Obwohl ich weiss, dass  durch den weltweiten Sushi-Boom der Thunfish zum begehrten Produkt geworden ist und  heute sogar vom  Aussterben bedroht ist, habe ich hier eine kleine Uebung mit Hot Potatoes  zu diesem Thema vorbereitet. Warum diese Speise früher in erster Linie  zubereitet wurde, finde es nämlich ziemlich interessant und ausserdem ist Sushi natürlich sehr gesund, wenn richtig zubereitet!

Despite the fact that it seems to take about ten years to become a good Sushi cook and that the now very precious tuna fish, which was considered almost worthless in the past and therefore fed to the animals, risks now to get extinct if all over the world people remain mad about Sushi, I ask you to watch the following Sushi recipe video which shows you how healthy it is. By the way, it has also been said that women are not capapable of preparing a good Sushi because the temperature of their hands is to high. Nowadays, however, there are people who confirm that women’s hand temperature is lower than that of men!

Some vocabulary in connection to the video above: (vocabolario in English/italiano

nori sheets foglie d’alghe
raw fish slabs fette di pesce crudo
cucumber cocomeri
knife/spoon coltello/cucchiaio
cut into strips/set aside tagliare in strisce/mettere da parte
twist avocado roteare un avocado
use whatever vegetable usate qualsiasi verdura
shiny pori side down la parte lucicante del nori in giù
grab some rice prendete un po’ di riso
spread rice out spargere il riso sulla nori foglia
lay small fish on the leave mettere piccolo pesce sul foglio
tie nori sheet around the filling avvolgere la foglia intorno al contenuto

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