The Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant

The following article about the Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant has been written by Domenico, one of my English students, whom I would like to thank for his readiness to do it.

A jouney in Gösgen.

The Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant (in German Kernkraftwerk Gösgen, KKG) is located in the Däniken municipality (canton of Solothurn, Switzerland) on a loop of the Aar river.

I recently visited the nuclear facility; it is possible to do that simply by appointment calling the switchboard.

The standard visit includes:

1) Exhibition center, where also non-technical people can understand how nuclear power works and, in general, how the issues related to the technology are managed, this is the part of the visit where children can spend hours playing with interactive equipments.

2) Main control room, where all the systems of the plant are managed.

3) Steam turbine and alternator room: where vapor produced by the nuclear core generate electrical power.

4) 150 m tall natural draught wet-type cooling tower, where water returns to the initial temperature and closes the circuit.

The visit is led by well-trained people that can answer to most of technical questions.

I recommend the visit: Nuclear power could be, or not, the best solution to the energetic problem, but it’s better to know how it works, then you can have an informed opinion.

For more info, (German or French) (English)





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