Revolutionary Road/film


Here a drag & drop exercise about the following film:

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I would like to recommend this film by Sam Mendes, which stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The story is set in the 1950s and is about a marriage in that period, about the American dream of having a familiy  and a fulltime mother and houswife,  a house with a nice garden and for the husband an interesting job that pays well. This dream is dramatically shattered.

The Wheelers, that’s their name, seem to be  a nice couple, if you listen to people in their surrounding you can hear that they are praised. It becomes, however, quite clear that their relationship is strained, because Frank doesn’t like his job as a salesman and April is bored with her situation and is also unsuccessful in her play in which  she acts in a local play. After this failure the couple has an argument. Frank gets drunk and has an affair with a secretary.

April and the children expect him at home with a birthday cake and April tells him about her idea. Frank should quit his miserable job and they should emigrate to Paris with the two children after having sold the house. It is her idea that she would work in the new world and he could think about what he wanted to do with his life.

Frank and April decide to really do this and tell their friends about their plans. They all seem to be speechless, for whatever reasons. The Wheelers seem to be much happier.

But Frank’s boss offers him a promotion and Frank is tempted to take it . He starts having some doubts about Paris. April has to tell him that she is pregnant and she is desperate and is thinking about having an abortion. Frank is absolutely against an abortion and wants to remain where they are.

He accepts the promotion, but April is suffering very much. They go to a party with their friens Shep and Milly, who seem to be happy, that their friends are not leaving.

While Frank is taking home Milly, April and Shep are having sex in the car.

There is another terrible fight between the couple and the spectator has for a moment the feeling that April is giving in, but….



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