Does the following slideshow work properly on your computer?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Erscheint  und funktioniert die  obige “sliedeshow” richtig auf eurem Computer?

Sul mio computer non funziona sempre in modo corretto la seguente presentazione fotografica.Come appare sui vostri schermi?

(Da me funziona sempre la seconda volta, ossia se esco dal blog e ritorna tutto funziona!)

There seems to be some loading problems with this slideshow, but if you leave the blog and return a second time it works properly!

Can you make a little story of this slideshow? Where can the photos have been taken? Would  you like to go to that country/continent and if yes, why or if no, why not? Have you every heard of the Ayers Rock before or of the twelve Apostles?

Wer möchte eine kleine Geschichte schreiben zu diesen Fotos? Wo können sie gemacht worden sein? Was seht ihr? (Eine kleine Wortschatzhilfe:Einzahl+ Mehrzahl)

der/die Rochen -la/e razza/e

der/die Pappagei/en,-il /i papagallo/i

die /die Felsformation/enformazione/i di roccia

der/die Koala Bär/en, -orsetto/i koala

das/die Känguruh/s il canguro/i canguri

das/die Schaf/e- la pecora/le pecore

Verben: fliegen (volare) scheren (tosare)schwimmen (nuotare) springen (saltare) klettern (arrampicarsi)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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