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(Here you can see the 3 great Pyramids on the Plain of Gizah and the Sphinx.) Today, however you have not to imagine them to be all alone in the desert. They are surrounded by Cairo! The Great Pyramid of Gizah seems to be the most mysterious. It’s so imposing, so perfect that you can hardly belive that it was made by mortals. It must have been the creation of Gods or aliens! But at last this ancient riddle (Rätsel/enigma) seems to be solved. There is this British arechologist who has it al figured out and is willing to share his discovery with us, taking us to the very heart of the mystery or the Cheops pyramid where only few people have ever been.

DCF 1.0

Imagine, tha the Great Pyramid was built 2000 years before Pythagoras came up with his triangle theorem and they only used very simple tools such as a nicktie and a string. Towards the end of the video we are shown the climax of the pyramid or king Khufu’s burial chamber and its jewelries and the statue of the king in question.

Enjoy the video!

Here is some vocabulary which I translated into Italian.(Vocabolario tradottto in italiano che dovrebbe facilitare la comprensione.)

You stand in awe in front of them.Si sta davanti a loro con grande rispetto.
mere  /figure sth. outsemplici /risolvere-capire
to be baffledrimanere perplesso
astounding /narrowsorprendente/stretto
It’s mind boggling ,it’s weird.è inconcepibile; è strano
They are shimmering in the desert.Luccicano nel deserto.
Huge rocks on top of each other.Enormi blocchi di ssasso, uno sopra l’altro
The right-angled triangle derives from PythagorasL’angolo retto che si conosce da Pythagoras,.
a string with a weight on the endpiombino
tripping overinciampare
measure outmisurare
accuracy countsprecisione conta
polished wallspareti puliti/lisci
great stepgrande scalino
a crammed journeyun escursione di poco spazio
burial chamber/tombposto di sepoltura/tomba
unstable ladderuna scala instabile
to be stuckrimanere bloccato

Die Ebene von Gizeh befindet sich in unmittelbarer Nähe von Kairo und nicht  in der Wüste. Wir spürten die Stadt gleich hinter unseren Rücken.Aber als die Pyramiden vor über  4’000 Jahren gebaut wurden, war der Ort ideal für die Errichtung von Bauwerken, weil er auch westlich des Nils ist, sozusagen am Ort des Sonnenunterganges. Er erfüllte alle notwendigen religiösen Bedingungen für eine Nekropole.

Die Sphinx befindet sich etwa 500 Meter östlich der Chefren-Pyramide. Sie wurde aus Kalkstein der Ebene gemeisselt. Der Körper ist der eines hockenden Löwen, das Symbol königlicher Macht, aber der Kopf ist menschlich. Das Gesicht entspricht wahrscheinlich dem des Pharaonen Chefren.

Hier ein kleines Quiz bezüglich des Pyramidenbaus, das ihr online korrigieren könnt.
DCF 1.0

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