South Africa/Nelson Mandela

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The kick-off of the first FIFA world Cup on African soil , or more precisely in South Africa, will be on the 11th June 2010. The whole world will therefore have its eyes concentrated on that country. I don’t understand anything about football and would therefore like to write something about the person who has certainly done very much for his country so that the apartheid system has been abolished.

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First something about South Africa’s history. The first white people from Europe arrived on the most southern coast of Africa in 1652. For the next 200 years the bushman fought against the whites who took their land. But in the end the old weapons of the indigenous people could not win against the modern weapons of the Europeans.

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After the discovery of diamonds in the British city of Kimberley in 1867 and the discovery of gold in the African province of Transvaal in 1886 the black people were forced to dig in the respective mines and the money went mainly to the whites.

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In 1936, while Nelson Mandela was at school, the white Parliament in Cape Town removed the right to vote from those Africans who had that right and a new law forced all African men to carry a passport in order to travel, otherwise they were put to prison. In 1948 the political system called „apartheid“ was introduced by Dr Malany, which means that there were signs, which indicated where „Only Whites“ had the right to be.

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Early one morning in December 1956 Nelson Mandel was taken to Johannesburg’s old prison, the Fort, where he discovered that the police had arrested 156 people; members of the ANC and other freedom groups.

In the 50s there was the Treason Trial and in 1963 the Rivonia Trial. He was then accused of sabotage,, a crime that could be punished with death. In court Mandela said that the black people wanted equal political rights and the ANC was fighting fort  that.

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He was found guilty and  was imprisoned on Robben Island from 1964-1970. He was released from prison in 1990. He ran for presidency in 1991 and retired in 1994. It was certainly thanks to him that so far in South Africa there has been no civil war, but

people are still worried that the day Mandela dies there could come up many problems.

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Quotation by Nelson Mandela/Zitat von Nelson Mandela/citazione di Nelson Mandela

Der Weg zur Freiheit ist niergends einfach und manche von uns werden immer wieder durch das Tal des Schattens und des Todes gehen müssen, before wir die Bergspitze unserer Wünsche erreichen. Il cammino alla libertà non è facile da nessuna le parti e tanti fra di noi dovranno  sempre di nuovo passare attraverso la valle delle ombra prima di raggiunger la cima dei nostri desideri.

This link leads you to a BBC audio documentary about jobseekers in Johannesburg


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