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at Wallstreet and BroadwayThe failed  bomb attack at Times Square reminds me of 9/11 and the touching song by Alan Jackson


Try to answer the following questions. These fotos will help you.

Theatre      destroyed      Twin      Trinity

About Time Square, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the T__________(1) Towers.
The recent failed attack at Times Square in Manhattan made me think of the disaster in 2001, when the Twin Towers were d__________(2).

Times Square is amajor commercial intersection in Manhattan at the junction of Broadway. The extended area is also called the T__________(3) District. Brooklyn is located on the western tip of Long Island and is linked to Manhattan by three bridges across the East River. The most famous is the Brooklyn Bridge.

The T__________(4) church which is famous for its set of change ringing church bells is in Wall Street.

If you click onto this link “Where were you when the world stopped turning ”  you can listen to the song and answer some questions.

I also prepared a Hot Potatoes exercise about some vocabulary from the song. You can correct it online!

Lyrics to the song:

Roth Eisenberg had the idea to make mornings more challenging to New York’s citzens and so this link leads you to the monthly letures for early risers.

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  1. Hi,
    do you mean the content of the song?
    If yes, I thinks Alanin Jackson shows us the
    many possibilitites we have to behave in certain
    situations and that maybe we should think
    well about what’s worthwhile and what’s not!
    Tell me if you don’t agree
    Bye Martina


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