A Horse With No Name

This is one of America’s greatest hits and was writen in 1971. Is it a spiritual song or is it about drugs? It seems that “horse” used to be the streetname for heroin and because of this question there was a controversy in America. For me, Dewey Bunell’s “A Horse With No Name” is more spiritual. He is in the desert, methaphorically this means, that there is an empitness within him but then he is looking around and is slowly discovering the beauty of the world with all its life and meaning. Despite this, however, he realizes that even when you have freedom and life/meaning there are some more profound things and that there is no perfection.

As a child Bunnell spent a good time poking around in the high deserts with his brother when they lived in Vandenberg/California and drove through Mexico and Arizona. He loved the cactus and the heat and tried to catch the sounds of the desert.

The text is easy- also for beginners- and grammatically not too perfect (ain’t), but there is quite a lot to speak about!

 If you click here, you can do a quiz about this song on ESLvideo.com which I prepared./http://www.eslvideo.com/esl_video_quiz.php?id=4753


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