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You have certainly heard about the dramatic situtaion as far as the emptying of oceans is concerned. It’s alsmost unbelievable but once thriving populations of deep sea fish have been driven to the brink of extinction, because of the expanding fisheries.

Various species of sea fish are at such low levels that they qualifiy for the World Conservation Union’s  list. More and more associations, among them GREENPEACE or polititians ask urgently for  internationally protected reserves to place vast areas of the deep seas out of bounds to fisheries. The trawlers ( fishing nets that is dragged along the seabottom)especially should be checked and pirates arrested.

Unfortunately, many, many fish end in their nets without being wanted and die without being eaten. They are called the by-catch fish. These  slow growing fish which reach a length of more than a metre and live more than 6o years from which some become sexually mature only after 30 years. So you can imagine how important it is not to eliminate this kind of fish. It seems that this by-catch fish have also become much smaller in the past 15 years.

Fish is very precious !!

Fish is very precious !!

a)On the brink of extinction means to be at risk of being extinct.

b) to be out of bounds to fisheries means that fishing is prohibited in that place.

c)Unfortunately wants to say that you wish something was not true.

Click on this link and you can do an exercise dragging the word from the right and drop on the left side. 


Some  of  the endangered fish species which we shouldn’t eat are:

cod/ – North Sea/il ;merluzzo/der Kabeljau;

sharks/ in the North Atlantic/ i squali/die Haie;

Chinook salmon– Pacific Nothwest / il salmone/der Lachs;

steelhead trout/ la trota-California/ die Stahlkopf Forelle;

swordfish/il pesce spada/der Schwertfisch;

bluefin Tuna- Atlantic/il tonno da pinna blu/der Blauschwanztunfisch;

Metkong Giant Catfish/il pesce gatto/der Wels;

Russian Sturgeon/il storione/der Stör;

skate/razza/der Rochen; (on the above foto)

and last but not least don’t forget the little seahorse, which is also on this red list.

On the good old fish market!!

On the good old fish market!!

Fish parts:

By the way, fish have fins to steer while travellling in the water, gills to breathe with, guts which you take out after having killed the fish, fishbones you can’t eat, because they would choke you and eggs, of course.

If you click on the following link you can see many more fish species in danger of extinction

-How can pirates or overfishing be stopped?

-How often do you eat fish?

-Is fish a popular food in your country?

-What kind of fish do people eat in your country?

-Do you intend to reduce fish consumption?

Please stop eating shark-fin soup, because the flavour seems to come from the broth and not the fins! Each year up to 73 million sharks are killed for these fins which are sliced into noodle-like strips and added mainly for texture! FISH-WORKHEEET

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( This post is about salmon farms in Chile.


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  2. Hello dear reader,
    thank you very much for your message. I really think that we have to become aware that
    if we don’t change, for example, our eating habits in general – sushi, shark soup-caviar and
    so on- there won’t be any fish left for our children! In our region there are hardly left any fish
    in our rivers, most probably because the water is dammed up in order to produce electricity!
    Bye Martina


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