Quantitative easing/monetary policy

The video below about the American monetary policy, which I discovered on “My Forex Space”, is according to me, quite interesting. We are informed about Ben Bernanke, the actual Chairman of the Boards of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, his predecessor, Alain Greenspan or William Dudley who was a partner at the Goldman Sachs Bank and is now  running the New York branch of the FED and about why it seems to be necessary to print 600 billion dollars with which to buy treasury bonds.

I wonder whether it  would really be advantageous for the Americans to let the printing presses humming indefinitely and so destroy the standing of the dollar.

It would be interesting to hear your opinion on this topic.

 I’ve just watched a very interesting documentary on Arte about the  Goldman Sachs Bank and would like to add the link

Gestern habe ich einen Dokumetarfilm auf  Deutsch auf dem SenderARTE zu der Bank GOLDMAN SACHS gesehen, den ich hier empfehle. Man kann sich die Sendung auch auf Französisch ansehen.

Ieri ho visto un documentario su ARTE che si occupa della Banca GOLDMAN SACHS e che consiglio di vedere.

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