Ticino hedgehog sanctuary in Maggia/E/D/I

Watch the video and then try to make sentences with the vocabulary of the following list. You can also cut out the words and make a pile so that each student of a group can take a card and form a sentence. You can use this worksheet.Hedgehog
What do the numbers mean I’ve mentioned in my grid?
By the way, what this people do in order to help the hedgehog ( to take care of ) shouldn’t be underestimated. Many thanks
to them.
I also translated some words used in the video.
to poison/avvelenare/vergiften
To put down means to suppress/far addormentare/einschläfern
to cross the road/ traversare la strada/die Strasse überqueren
to carry out/effettuare/ausführen
a threat/una minaccia/eine Drohung
to wrap around/avvolgere intorno/einwickeln
a puppy/un cucciolo/ein junger Hund/piccolo riccio qui/junger Igel
to release/lasciar libero/freilassen

to injure /injured animal to orphan / orphaned to kill/killed to poison/


to cross to suppress to save to treat
to take care of to wrap around to clean up to put down
carry out release panic suppress
trimmer insecticide fertilizers flies
sacrifice volunteers wounds feed
injections a piece of plastic threat puppy
12 79 170 1-2 per day

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