The Pharaoh TUTANKHAMUN by Ramona Ramsauer


Artikel mit Wortschatzerklärung  auf Englisch und Italienisch und Grammatik/Passiv/Nebensätze: Ab A2-B1

First of all, let’s hope that we can soon return to this fascinating country! Speriamo tanto di poter presto ritornare in questo paese affascinate! Hoffen wir, dass wir bald in dieses faszinierende Land zurückkehren können!

All around the world many people are worried about the situation in Egypt and very sorry also for the pillages that have lately occurred  at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquity in Cairo.

That museum can be compared with the Louvre in Paris and it contains many very important pieces of ancient Egyptian history. It houses, for example, the world’s largest collection of  Pharaohnic antiquities and the many treasures of the Pharaoh TUTANKHAMUN of the 18th dynasty. The current museum is in Tahrir Square where many actual protests are taking place.

It was Howard Carter an English  archeologist who is known as the primary discoverer of  Tutankhamun’s tomb on 4 November 1922. Carter’s water carrier seems to have found the steps leading to the tomb. It was by far the best preserved and most intact pharaohnic tomb ever found in the Valley of the Kings.

Tale der Könige/Foto M.Ramsauer
Tal der Könige/Foto M.Ramsauer

When Carter  and his companions arrived they made a „tiny breach in the top left hand corner“ of the door and by means of a candle they could see that the gold and ebony treasures were still in order. Inside the tomb there was a large collection of artefacts, which should accompany the pharaoh to the hereafter. There were weapons, ivory, alabaster and gold bracelets, necklaces or other decorative jewellery. They found the famous chest with the green gem in form of a scarab and with the eye of Horus in the middle and above all the  famous GOLD MASK in the burial chamber. In that room there were murals all over. Carter had never seen anything so magificent like that.

When Tutankhamun came to power he married his half sister and they had two daughter, both stillborn. During his reign he lifted the ban of Amun (God) and traditional privileges were restored and the capital was brought back to Thebes. Scientists still do not agree on Tutankhamun’s reason of death. Did he die at the age  of nineteen because he was suffering from malaria or maybe  because there used to be incest or was he poisoned? However, the latest scans show that he had many broken bones  and that one leg got infected. Scientists suppose that he may have fallen from his wagon due to a fight.

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-read the article

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-or just do a drag and drop exercise concerning the museum:

I would like to end this comment in English with a little bit of grammar:

This is a link to the New York Times about Ëgypt:

Foto M.Ramsauer/Tal der Könige
Foto M.Ramsauer/Tal der Könige/Valley of the Kings



Passive presentPassive perfectPassive simple pastPassive future
The Tutankhhamun tomb is found by Howard Carter.The Tutankhamun tomb has been found by Howard Carter.The Tutankhamun tomb was found by Howard Carter in 1922.The Tutankhamun treasures will maybe be destroyed.


If  the Golden Maskis in the museum, they steal it.If the Golden Mask is in the museum, they will steal it.If the Golden Mask was in the museum, they would steal it.If the Golden Mask had been in the museum, they would have stolen it.

Ich  habe auch gelesen, dass die Ägypterinnen durch diese Revolution eine neue Position in der Gesellschaft erreicht haben.

Und DW hat einen Artikel für Deutschlerner, mit Wortschatzerklärugen veröffentlicht, der die Probleme der Unternehmen thematisiert, die in autoritären Ländern tätig sind.,,14833134,00.html

Diesen Artikel über Ägyptens jüngste Geschichte , den ich auf Andy Neusteins gelesen habe, lege ich euch sehr ans Herz.

( ) :


Die ganze Welt schaut in dieser Zeit nach Ägypten und auf die umliegenden Länder und wir sind besorgt, weil der ägyptische Präsident Mubarak nicht zurücktreten will.

Leider ist ja auch das Ägyptische Museum mit den äusserst wertvollen Tutanchamun Schätzen geplündert worden. Dieses Museum beherbert die wichtigste Antiksammlung der Welt. Es kann an Wichtigkeit mit dem Louvre verglichen werden. Ich habe gelesen, dass die eigenen Angestellten des Museums diese Plünderung verursacht haben.

Es sollen auch 2 Mumien zerstört,  sowie Vitrinen  mit wervollem Schmuck eingeschlagen worden sein.

Das Ägyptische Museum ist im Stadtzentrum am Tahir-Platz und wird nun vermehrt von der Arme beschützt.

Die ganzen Schätze sind auch nicht versichert!


Nach dass und weil kommen die Verben an den Schluss des Satzes.

Hier eine  graphische Erklärung zum Passiv:

nach Ägypten schauento look towards Egyptguardare verso Egitto
zurücktretento abdictdimettersi
plündernto pillagesaccheggiare
beherbergento houseospitare
die Antiksammlungcollection of antiquitiescollezione di antichitä
die Angestelltenthe employeesgli impiegati
zerstörento destroydistruggere
beschützento protectproteggere
der Schatztreasureil tesoro

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