Lake Ritom/Ticino




From Piotta, in the Leventina Valley in Ticino Switzerland to the Ritom region by the steepest funicular in Europe It’s really a very special attraction to go up to the Ritom Lake and its uncontaminated and isolated places in the Val Piora by one of the steepest funiculars worldwide. (Click here to listen to the sentence. Which word is spoken in German?RITOM1

Once up there you have a great choice of excursions or hiking tours. We, for example, just walked around the lake in approximately three hours, picknick inluded.

(Click here to listen to the sentence and say which word is spoken in German? RITOM2)

The other day there was very little water in the lake so that there were sandy beaches I had never seen before. The surrounding was breathtakingly beautiful

thanks to a big variety of flowers, orchids included. (Click here to listen to the sentence and say which word is spoken in German?RITOM3)

By the way, the funicular was built in 1921 and served to transport material and workers needed to build the dam where water could be stored and then used to operate the very important Gotthard railway. The Ritom power station is still one of the main generators for the Swiss Federal Railways.(Click here listen and say what is missing?RITOMdate  Answers see below

Click here and you can read an interesting article by Swissinfo about this topic.

You can now do the drag & drop exercise  I’ve prepared for you and correct it online.

Included worksheet with audio:RITOM/

Answers to the audios: Attraktion=attraction/Wahl=choice/Wasser=water/the construction date is missing=1921

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