I would like to add this funny and ironic video about spilling coffee or oil at the BP Headquarters after the terrible distaster in the Gulf of Mexico for English stutents.In my opinion, this same unsuccessful and also stupid procedure is, unfortunately, used in many other similar or difficult situations!


Write a composition about your experiences with coffee and send it to me. I will correct it and then publish.

Schreibt einen Aufsatz zum Thema Kaffee und sendet ihn mir. Nachdem ich ihn korrigiert habe, werde ich ihn veröffentlichen.


There is a small coffee spill on a large table.

They seem to underestimate how much coffee was spilt.

The employees agree that they have to hurry up because the fish could also get spoilt.

The spill is encroaching on the map of Louisiana.

Somebody  appears to have a brilliant idea but then does something completely strange.

They throw garbage onto the slick to avoid further spilling.

They hope that hair can absorb the slick.

It is decided to observe the situation for 3 hours and then reassess it.

A man enters and wants to have a word with the people in the room.

Those inside the office want to pass on part of the responsibility to that man and reproach him for having been informed that the coffee cups were unstable.

To make things really desperate they throw more cups over the slick and are then trying to soak up the coffee by means of a straw and to burn it. The big boss who knows everything gives the good advice to throw a ping-pong ball on the spill and when this heroic action doesn’t change the situation the employees are sacked.



On onestopenglish there is a lot of interesting material/lessons about coffee. Did you, for example,  know that around the world more people drink coffee than tea and that it is after oil, the second biggest traded commodity? You know, of course, that the drink comes from beans which are first roasted and then ground.



There is a legend that says that coffee comes from Ethiopia and that Kaldi the goatherd was one days suprised to see how his animals were behaving strangely: instead of grazing quietly they were jumping around. He discovered that the goats were eating red berries which he tried himself and as a consequence became very happy. He went home and informed his wife about the happening. She hadn’t seen her husband that excited for a long time and told him to take the berries to the convent because she considered them to be a gift from heaven. The abbot, however, considered them to be a devil’s temptation and threw them into the fire. Within short, there came a delicious  flavour from the fire and the monks had to put the berries into a jar and add hot water.It seems that, despite the doubts, even the abbot drank from the delicious  beverage and smiled as he did so. 

(More detailed see in German)

Here below you can watch a video  from swisinfo.ch about Swiss coffee drinking habits and at the same time answer some questions to it.


Woher kommt der Kaffee? Zu dieser Legende habe ich eine Übung auf Deutsch geschirieben, auf der ich auch teilweise Wörter auf Italienisch und Englisch übersetzt habe.


Diese Bohnen sind nicht rot, weil sie von der Schleichkatze gefressen wurden und darnach wieder abgegeben!Dieser Kaffee ist der teuerste, den es gibt. Er heisst KOPI LUWAK!



Auf der Webseite des Bayerischen Rundfunks habe ich weitere interessante Beiträge mit Quiz oder Audios zum Kaffee gefunden und gebe hier den Link an.





Welche Qualitäten sollte Kaffee eurer Meinung nach aufweisen?

Für mich sollte er heiss sein, wie die Hölle, schwarz wie der Teufel, rein wie ein Engel und süss wie die Liebe!

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  1. cara Martina, mi scuso del ritardo nel passare a salutarti, sono stata alcuni giorni assente dal blog, ma ora eccomi da te, sempre interessante, istruttivo, e, soprattutto un costante invito alla comprensione e alla pacificazione di tutti i popoli, questo lo apprezzo moltissimo
    spero di ripassare presto con più calma, ricevi fra tanto un caro augurio perché tu abbia tanta serenità in queste settimana


    • Cara “Ventisqueras”, hai fatto bene di fare un po’ di pausa ed a me fa polto piacere il tuo commento. Trovo veramente che il cafè sia una pianta stupenda e ch’il profumo del cafè, particolarmente la mattina, mi dà l’energia di iniziare bene la giornata. Controccambio volentieri i tuoi aguri di una settimana serena. Martina


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