Cooking smoke kills people

I kindly invite you to watch this video about the dangers of cooking smoke by BBC

Here is the link to the report by Rogger Harrabin, enviornment analyst

Watch the video and try to answer the following yes/noquestions: (You can see the correct answers if you scroll down the page.)
Questions/statements Yes No
1.Does cooking smoke attract flies?
2.Does the smoke harm eyes and lungs?
3.Does black smoke contribute to climate change?
4.The aim is to bring clean burn-stoves to a hundred million homes within 2030
5.The cleanest of all stoves are the carcoal cookers.
6.The solar cookers adopt the same technology as a small boy using a  magnifying glass to burn a piece of paper.
7.The „raise“ of the sun hit the dish  and get concentrated back to the reflector.
8.From here they get focused up onto the cooking.
9.Will it  be possible within  a short period to distribute these kind of clean cookers to all the people in need.
10.Men are most exposed to cooking smoke nowadays.
11.According to World Organizations the smoke and gases from cooking fires in the poorest countries contribute to nearly 1 million deaths a year.
12.More people get killed from black cooking smoke than from malaria.
13.Similar projects are underway in India, Bolivia and Peru.
14.The scourge of toxic smoke is being tackled.
Correct answers.

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