Justice/What’s the right thing to do?

Are you interested in justice in connection with philosophy? If yes, can highly recommend you the following interesting, challenging and funny lectures about the topic by Prof. Michael Sandel, Harvard University.


I especially advice you to watch or read some episodes or questions. The first one is what you would do if you had to decide whether to kill one person in order to save five! Another question is if  you think that torture can ever be justified? In episode 10, for example, the Professor speaks about Aristotle and how the philosopher thinks citizens get virtuous . Learning by doing seems to be his principle! This expression sounds somehow familiar even to nowadays people, doesn’t it? Justice is according Aristotle not about income or wealth but about offices and honor. Another big question arises from Aristotles theory that each should do what he is most fit to do. What about our freedom not to do what we are most fit for but what we most want to do!

I wish you a great lecture and weekend!



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