A Thousand Years of Good Prayers/China

As I’ve not read any books yet by the Nobel price winner for literature 2012, Mo Yan, I would like to recommend another important Chinese writer and one of her touching and  books. A Thousand Years of Good Prayers is  a short story by Yiyun Li within her prize-winning collection of short stories with the same name. It’s about the relationship between father and daughter. The daughter had emigrated, in fact, to the United States many years ago where she got married and lately divorced. Her father, now a widower,comes from China with the intention to help his daughter to overcome her difficult time.  She does, however, quite soon ask her father how long he has in mind to stay. Later on she also tells him that she has not been abandoned by her husband but thatshe has been the abandoner  because she was and still is in love with a man from Romania (in the film he is turned into a Russian.) She also tells him that she can’t speak about her feelings in Chinese because at home they have never spoken about them and that she and also her mother have always known that he didn’t work as a rock scientist at the institute for all those years, as he has always pretended, but that they had made him do the most humble jobs because there had been a lady at the institute with whom he could speak about their own lives and that hadn’t been tolerated by the system at that time . Here is the synopsis of the film plot and the video trailer:


I’ve also prepared a worksheet with some multiple choice questions which you can try to answer. Here is the link:Prayers

As you may aIso be interested in other Chinese books I’ve also written an article and made an audio about the following novel:


These are the answers to the worksheet:1=2/2=3/3=2/4=2/5=2/6=2/7=3

I hope you like  this culture crossing story!

Last but not least, I’ve also read “The Vagrants” be YIYUN LI but needs a lot of guts to read because it is so sad!

Another of my posts about China:https://rivella49.wordpress.com/2009/06/20/china/


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