I’ve recently read on Larry Ferlazzos blog ( about the above mentioned amazing website, sub-divided into windows, concerning the study of the brain and nervous system that applies to countless facets of our daily life from decisions we take about spending money,to the way we see ourselves and others or the impact of brain function on learning, planning or criminal behavour or why there are 50 million people worldwide suffering from epiplepsy. We are also told that environmental changes are very real stressors affecting brain and behavour.

The more than 1’000 scientifically reviewed and comprehensible articles can really help us, the laymen/learners, to understand more about this organ, about the fact that we learn much more easily, if we are passionate about something but that perseverance is needed. And don’t forget that if you want to become a healthy old person you have to follow certain rules.

The site by  The KAVLI Foundation, Gatsby Charitable Foundation and SfN society for neuroscience may have answers to your many questions on this topic such as anxieties during this Covid-19 period!

I  also add the link to the ASCENT, or how Stress and Anxiety Are Fueling Your Insomnia in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

On my site I’ve also published an article with exercices about the brain (synapses) and in connection with learning.

Wenn jemand meinen folgenden Artikel auf Deutsch lesen und vielleicht mit dem Englischen vergleichen möchte, klicke hier:ZumGehirn

Übrigens, im “Spiegel” habe ich diese fantastische Information – Reise ins Gehirn- zu diesem gefunden. Das Versuchskaninchen stellt sich zur Verfügung von Prof. Wedeen und dieser verspricht ihm alle Touristenattraktionen des Gehirns zu zeigen!

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