The danger of a single story/D/E/I

by Chimamanda Adichie, a real gem!

You can listen to the novelist’s witty and intelligent speech about

this topic on TED Talks.

This young writer from Nigeria who argues for the importance of literature really touches me with her thoughts and her life experiences,which teach us a lot, and made her come to the conviction that different stories are needed to avoid stereotypes, which are not untrue but incomplete.

This means that our lives and cultures are composed of many overlapping stories and if we hear only one story by one person about another person or country we risk of misunderstanding it, of seeing it just from one point of view. Stories are also defined by power.

Foto M.Ramsauer
Foto M.Ramsauer

I recommend you to watch this video and speech which will not only make you think but certainly also laugh!

As you may know, on TED you can choose to listed to the speeches in many languages and also choose the subtitles. There is also the possibility to read the transcripts of the stories.

I’ve also prepared you a drag & drop exercise with the writer’s sentences and which you can correct online.

And here you can see some vocabulary translated into German and Italian

ginger beerIngwer Bierbirra di zenzero
a mental shiftmentale Wendecambiamento mentale
pontytailder Rossschwanzla coda
stir imagninationFantasie wachrufensvegliare la fantasia
unintendedunbeabsichtigtsenza intenzione
roommateMitbewohnerinla collega che abita assieme
what struck mewas mir auffielquello che mi toccò
a default positioneine vorgegebene Positionuna posizione data
to be ashamedsich schämenvergognarsi
it is irritablees reiztirrita
abject immigrantjämmerlicher Einwandererun immigrante deplorevole
to fleece the  systemdas System hintergehenderubare il sistema
sneeking across the bordersüber die Grenze schleichenpassare il confine in modo illegittimo
wisdomdie Weisheitla saggezza
patterned basketgemusterter Korbcestino modellato
This ist he link to Adichie’s website and her book “Half of a Yellow Sun” on the crippling war in Biafra that
broke out in 1967:

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