Chi ha un’idea dove ci troviamo qui? Su che città si ha una stupenda vista da questo punto? Quale lago vediamo? In che paese siamo e che lingua parla la gente di qui? In che stagione è stata fatta la foto secondo voi?

Who has got and idea where this could be? On which city does one have a gorgeous view from here? Which lake can we see? In which country are we and which language do people from here speak ? In which period of the year has this foto been taken according you?

Wer hat eine Idee, wo das sein könnte? Auf welche Stadt hat man eine märchenhafte Aussicht von hier? Welchen See sehen wir von hier? In welchem Land befinden wir uns und welche Sprache sprechen die Leute von hier?

Was denkt ihr, in welcher Jahreszeit wurde diese Aufnahme gemacht?


Here below I’ve prepared you another fotoquiz. I would ask you to combine the fotos with the sentences. I indicated links from my blog so that you can check out for the answers. The whole quiz can be downloaded:FOTOQUIZ
Microsoft Word - FOTOQUIZ.docx
Microsoft Word - FOTOQUIZ.docx
Microsoft Word - FOTOQUIZ.docx

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

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