As you certainly know the latest film by Steven Spielberg „LINCOLN“ is  now in our cinemas and has just received two oscars. (Daniel Day Lewis got it for the best actor.)I’ve looked for a video that speaks ,in simple words , about  Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States, the terrible Civil War which lasted from 1861-1865 and in which about 700’000 people lost their lives and slavery.

Abraham Lincoln was as brilliant a public strategist as he was a political and military strategist and he wanted the abolishment of slavery despite the fact that he was not really against it, but in order to save the Union. I summarized this short video which is mainly about the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION  from 1863  in an exercise  and you can correct it directly  online. Just try to drag the parts of the sentences from the right hand side to the left.

I’ve also found another impressive video about the 13th AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION which was adopted on December 6, 1865. The film “LINCOLN” by Steven Spielberg speaks mainly about this period and it shows us the consequences of this amendment. Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 when he was at the theater with his wife.

I’ve also made a quiz with Power Point about Lincoln for those who now, after having watched the videos here above or have done the exercise feel like answering the questions.

The pictures of Lincoln are from R.J. Norton’s foto gallery/

On this very interesting site you will also find many more answers to your questions.

Vocabulary to the 13th Amendment

to be crammed into sth. in etwas hineingezwungen werden essere forzato dentro qcn.
disease die Krankheit la malattia
to humiliate sb. jdn. erniedrigen umiliare qu.
to chop cotton Getreide ernten raccogliere cottone
neither nor weder noch né uno né l’altro
unless/ ausser a meno che
to uphold sth etwas aufrecht zu erhalten mantenere qc.
to blackmail sb. jdn. erpressen riscattare qcn
the Amendment was a leap die Gesetzesänderung war ein Sprung la modificazione di legge è stato un salto


My article about unless

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