I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood. (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Where could this table be?

Ich habe einen Traum, dass eines Tages, auf den roten Hügeln von Georgia, die Söhne früherer Sklaven und die Söhne früherer Sklavenhalter fähig sein werden an einem Tisch der Bruderschaft zusammen zu sitzen. (Meine Übersetzung)

Wo könnte dieser Tisch sein?

Ho un sogno che un bel giorno, sulle colline rosse della Giorgia i figli di precedenti schiavi e i figli di precedenti proprietari di schiavi saranno capaci di mettersi in fratternanza ad un tavolo . (La mia traduzione)

Dove potrebbe essere questo tavolo?

Where could this table be? For those who want to know more about it can click here on my site:

picture M.Ramsauer

For more information about this very famous table and place, please click on the link here below and you will be lead to my website.

Für mehr Informationen zu diesem  sehr berühmtenTisch und Ort klickt bitte auf den folgenden Link und ihr werdet zu meiner Webseite geführt.

Per ulteriori informazioni in merito a questo tavolo molto famoso e luogo, per favore, cliccare sul seguente link e sarete condotti al mio sito.

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS with your beloved ones and friends around a table such as this one and in PEACE.Ich wünsche euch allen ein FROHES WEIHNACHTSFEST mit euren Lieben und Freunden um einen solchen Tisch herum und in FRIEDEN.

Auguro a tutti voi un BUONISSIMO NATALE con tanti cari/amici intorno ad un tavolo come questo ed in PACE.

Titelseite von unserem Buch zu dieser Reise./F.Ramsauer

Titelseite von unserem Buch zu dieser Reise./F.Ramsauer/This is the first page of our book about this trip./Questa è la  prima pagina  del nostro libro concernente questo viaggio.

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  1. Very interesting post Martina. I love history and it was in school one of my favorite items. I guess that You love also history after seeing Your great post.

    If You do not mind I give here link to my first post presenting

    Poor-man statues.

    They are part of our cultural heritage! I am quite sure that You never heard about these pauper statues.


    • I’m really very touched by your words which, especially today or in this period, refer to a historically and politically very important place or the KRIM where my husband and me have just been a few months ago. Yalta is situated in a beautiful surrounding but we understood that the people had big problems making ends meet.
      I shall, of course, check out on your post and will answer you consequently.
      We have 26 degrees to today and are enjoying the first summer day. Bye and best regards.


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