The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. Zig Ziglar

The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. Zig Ziglar


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You can also listen to my summary about Brittany and its STONES:

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Excuse me, please, for my long introduction!

Of course, this is about Brittany and mostly about its approx. 300 million years old red granit rose stones, containing ferric oxide and alkali feldspar to give the colour, in another period of the year!

The scenery along the northern coast of Brittany is breathtakingly beautiful and also a bit mysterious and I especially enjoyed the stretch on the  „Côte de Granite Rose“ These bizarre formations of granite, which line the shore,have been carved by wind, ice or tides and are just spectacular  and in perfect harmony with the dunes.


Also the vegetation with pines, cypresses or even palm trees is amazing . Beyond this, we also enjoyed the beautiful houses with their lavish gardens.

Along the coast/Picture M.Ramsauer

On our excursion along this gorgeous coast/Picture M.Ramsauer

We understood that Bretons absolutely don’t consider themselves as French. This is, of course, not a surprise because the Celts arrived here in the 6th century BC and Celtic tribes were here when the Romans arrived and were still here when they left and the barbarian invasions started. In the 5th century AD more Celts, belonging to the tribes in Britain, arrived  as they were chased there by the invading Angles and Saxons .

Linguistically and ethnically the Bretons  have , therefore, more in common with the Irish and Welsh than with the French.

We'are on the PINK GRANITE COAST PATH/Picture M.Ramsauer

We’re on THE PINK GRANITE  COAST/Picture M.Ramsauer

In Brittany one naturally also gets into contact with the most famous Arthurian legend, the Holy Grail- (cup, dish or STONE) and the site of Merlin’s mysterious forest of Brocéliande, which is near Paimpoint, (not on the coast) where the magician fell in love with the fairy Viviane or the lady of the lake. She learnt Merlin’s trick and imprisoned him in a tree, where he still seems to live today.

There are also several suppositions of King Arthur’s origin. I’ve read that the name could derive from the Irish word art which means STONE.

Should you want to know more about this legend I recommend you to read Chrétien de Troye’s romances of the mid-12th century.

I would also like to hint at the dolmen, also known as a portal tomb or portal grave. It’s a type of single chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright STONES, supporting a large flat horizontal stone or table. The ones we have seen here, were, however, quite simple and certainly not to compare with Stonehenge in England. The original purpose of these tombs is still not clear, but it is supposed that they were built to worship ancient earth deities or that they were burial places for high ranking citizens.

Picture M.Ramsauer

Picture M.Ramsauer

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Questions/answers /Martina Ramsauer

Questions/for answers, please read the text.  /Martina Ramsauer

I would also like to recommend you a trip on a boat from where you can enjoy the spectacular cliffs along the Emerald Coast.

Pointe de Grouin, west of St.Malo/Picture F.Ramsauer

Pointe de Grouin, on the Emerald Coast, west of St.Malo/Picture F.Ramsauer


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  1. cara Martina nessuna sorpresa per i bretoni e la loro appartenenza celtica, anche in Italia abbiamo enclave. come quella del Sud Tirolo, dove la prima lingua parlata è il tedesco, e se ti rivolgi a loro in italiano fanno finta di non capire 🙂 o altre come la Sardegna che vorrebbero l’indipendenza ( assurdo, non so come potrebbero fare senza l’aiuto del “continente”, così i sardi chiamano l’Italia)
    concordo la suggestione della costa bretone che ho avuto il piacere di visitare durante il mio soggiorno a Mont.Saint-Michel, con le tue bellissime ( come sempre ) foto, le hai dato perfettamente risalto
    grazie cara, passa una serena giornata


    • ara Ventis, è verissimo queloo che scrivi sul stupedno Sud Tirol che mi ha fatto ricordare una piccola storia. Allora, eravamo in vacanza a Naturs, vicino a Meran e quando marito voleva bere una grappa il cameriere gli ha detto: “Desidera una Grappa del Sud Tirol oppure una grappa italiana.” Abbiamo dei bellissimi ricordi di quella zona e loro e il loro modo di viziare i vacanzieri è, secondo me, di una classe tutta speciale.:)
      Ti ringrazio molto per averti preso il tempo per rispondermi augurando anche a te una giornata piacevole.


  2. Stones / rocks are beautiful. If I remember correct, I think that my son visited the place called Perros-Guirec. He passed in French school in Helsinki and one school class visited my son’s school and nice young schoolboy for two weeks. My son made return visit to this boy’s home and they had summer place in Perros-Guirec.

    Oh yes, I love Your photos!!!

    It was at those days when I heard that coast were quite similar in Bretagne and Finland.


    • I think your son and his friend made a great experience thanks to that cultural exchange. In Brittany we really enjoyed the contact with the local people,the historical sites, nature and, of course, the food. Unfortunately, as we were in a group in Finland, we could not really talk to the natives and that was certainly a petty. I, therefore, appreciate all the more the conversation with you, so that I can learn more about beautiful Finland and its citizens. Have a very quiet evening. Best regards Martina:)


  3. Schöne Aufnahmen und das Zitat von Zig Ziglar ist toll!
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Rheinland, Martina. Hier ist Karneval, aber Selma und ich haben leider keine Zeit zu feiern, die Arbeit ruft! 🙂


    • Liebe Dina, lieben Dank für deine Worte zu den Steinen und wichtigen Grundsteinen des Lebens. Ich weiss nicht warum, aber ich habe mir vorgestellt, dass du nun in England lebst. Auf jeden Fall hoffe ich, dass Selma dir mit Rat und Tat zu Seite steht! Entschuldige meine verspätete Antwort, aber wir waren zum Wandern in Mallorca, wo man die Insel zur Zeit ohne Touristen geniessen kann. Buon tutto:) Martina


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