Apartheid/South Africa

This is just to remind you and me that it’s exactly 25 years today since the Apartheid system in South Africa started to end! Ich möchte mich und euch daran erinnern, dass es heute genau 25 Jahre sind, seit das Apartheid System von Südafrika zu enden begann! Vorrei farvi ricordare che oggi sono esattamente 25 anni da quando è iniziata l’abolizione del sistema di Apartheid.

I’ve heard that 1/4 of the people in this country are hungry today!! Ich habe gehört, dass heutzutage 1/4 der Menschen in Südafrika hunger leidet. Ho sentito che 1/4 della popolazione soffre oggi di fame in questo paese!

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Aufstand gegen die Befreier ist eine Doku auf ARTE, die über die letzten 25 Jahre von Südafrika spricht!! Sie ist auf Deutsch und English. The following documentation gives us insight of how South Africa could end a situation like it is today!! (Unfortunately it’s not in English anymore!)


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    • Cara Affy, purtroppo non è positivo il risultato! Manca certamente un personaggio come quello di Nelson Mandela per cambiare veramente qualcosa in Africa del Sud. Ti ringrazio tanto per le tue parole augurandoti anche un buon febbraio.:)


  1. Ciao Martina, le premesse che il grande Mandela aveva creato, la Nazione Arcobaleno, erano meravigliose. Ma come al solito se viene a mancare una forte leadership che riesce a trascinare veramente il popolo, tutto sfuma. Ti abbraccio e auguro una bellissima giornata. 🙂 Piero

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    • You are right, Otto, a jubilee which should make us think or make us maybe do some more researches about the good things achieved and the many unsolved problems. It’s always a great pleasure to hear your opinion and thank you very much. Cari saluti Martina

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  2. Hi there dear Martina… thanks so much for this post and for raising awareness on the tough subject of racism… As you have well said t it’s exactly 25 years today since the Apartheid system in South Africa `started to end´ … It is a long process though and there are still many things and minds to change though… I have recently read a post which pointed in that direction… meaning which highlighted that racism is still a leading implicit force in South Africa, despite all the advances made…
    Sending love and best wishes. Happy weekend ahead to you, my friend. Aquileana 👏🏻😀

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    • Dear Aquileana, it’s a real pleasure to see your interest taken in this marvellous country. When I was there about ten years ago, there was still a lot of hope, which has, unfortunately, in the meantime be somewhat lost. As you have seen a quarter of the population is hungry! It makes me really sad to see stumbling that whole beautiful continent .:) I wish you some very peaceful hours during this weekend. Your friend Martina

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  3. I have come back several times to read this post and read the comments. We live in a world that presents us with complex issues that elude quick and satisfying answers. What gives me hope is that we continue to persevere, that we keep the dialogue open, that we share our concerns and embrace a compassionate and willing attitude. One of my favourite Nelson Mandela quotes is: “I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself.” Have a wonderful day. Thank you again for your thoughtful posts.

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    • I am really touched, dear Rebecca, by your vision on the world and especially on South Africa and Nelson Mandela. The quote you mentioned is very important said by someone who really ment it!!
      In front of the Freedom Museum in South Africa one can read:
      I’ ll try to include to picture we took there. I am not good at this!!

      I thank you very much for your taking part so actively in this dialogue.:)

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