As I was reading “LIQUID TIMES” by Zygmut Bauman, in which he questions also our nowadays gardens and gardeners, I wonder, whether our complete trustworthiness we give and have given them, is justified! I am also a gardener!

Beim Lesen von “Flüchtige Zeiten” , das Zygmut Bauman geschrieben hat und worin es auch um Gärten und Gärtner geht, sind mir Zweifel gekommen und Fragen aufgetaucht bezüglich der totalen Vertrauenswürdigkeit diesen Letzeren gegenüber! Ich bin auch eine Gärtnerin!

Leggendo anche in “la Società liquida” di Zygmut Bauman in merito a giardini e giardinieri, mi sono venuti alcuni dubbi e domande e mi chiedo, se possiamo veramente fidarci interamente di loro! Anche’io sono una giardiniera!

It seems that in pre-modern times each creature had its rightful place to be and, if things didn’t turn out as expected, it was considered divine provenance!

Es scheint, dass in vormoderner Zeit jedes Wesen seinen rechtmässigen Platz hatte und, wenn Dinge nicht so zutrafen, wie erwartet, dann war dies einer höheren Macht zuzuschreiben!

Sembra che in tempi premoderni ogni persona aveva il suo posto legittimo è se le cose non avvenivano come aspettate vennero attribuite ad un poter maggiore!

The diligent gardeners then decided, trusting in their complete confidence and wisdom, for a thorough overhaul of this regulation.

Die fleissigen Gärtner entschieden dann, sich total auf ihr Vertrauen und ihre Weisheit verlassend, für eine komplette Überholung dieser Regel.

I giardinieri diligenti hanno poi deciso, basandosi sulla loro completta fiducia e saggeza, che questa regola aveva bisogno di una revisione totale.

The idea that human beings can replace the world -that- is with another and different world, a world entirely of their own making, was an almost completely absent thought before the modern Utopian times. It’s only now that the gardeners (or certain gardeners?) impose the way of life onto other life forms, by uprooting, destroying or renaming them.

Die Idee, dass der Mensch die Welt in ihrem IST Zustand mit einer anderen, verschiedenen Welt ersetzen kann, ist vollumfänglich und beinahe komplett von diesem Letzteren entwickelt worden. Sie war, so scheint es, vor der modernen oder utopischen Zeit, nicht vorhanden. Es ist erst jetzt, dass die Gärtner (oder gewisse Gärtner?) ihre Lebensweise anderen Lebensformen aufzwingen, sie ausreisst, zerstört oder sie umbenennt.

L’idea che l’uomo può sostituire il mondo dello stato quo con un altro mondo, uno totalmente differente, è stato sviluppato quasi interamente da quest’ultimo. Sembra che non sia stata presente prima del mondo moderno, oppure uttopico. E’ solo adesso che il giardiniere (Certi giardinieri?) impone il modo di vivere ad altre forme di vita, che le strappa, distrugge o cambia il nome delle stesse!

In this modern world the intelligent modern man or gardener has built new and big cities, in which the well beings mostly live in gated communities or beautiful appartment houses. In these surroundings poor people have no access and can’t therefore find jobs. The probabilities of rising criminality seem therefore to be very high and security doesn’t increase, but is reduced, I think.

In dieser modernen Welt hat der intelligente moderne Mann oder Gärtner neue grosse Städte gebaut, in welchen die Vermögenden oft in “Gated Communities” oder wunderschönen Appartmenthäuser leben. In diesen Umgebungen haben arme Leute keinen Zutritt und können auch keine Arbeit finden. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass die Kriminalität steigt und die Sicherheit abnimmt, ist daher hoch, so denke ich.

L’uomo moderno e intelligente, oppure giardiniere moderno, ha costruito nuove e grandi città in questo mondo nuovo. Nello stesso i benestanti sovente vivono din “Gated Communities” oppure in appartamenti bellissimi. In questi distritti non hanno accesso i poveri e non possono nemmeno trovare lavoro. La probabilità che la criminalità salga e la sicurezza diminusce è molto probabile, così penso almeno.

I very much hope that we all, together with politicians, who favour the gamekeeper’s strategy instead that of that of the hunter, will help to come to grips with all the burning problem this Utopian world has and and give it a chance to survive! Nelson Mandela said: “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Ich hoffe sehr, dass wir alle, zusammen mit Politiker, die die “gamekeeper” Strategie verfolgen, anstatt jene des Jägers, helfen werden mit den brennenden Problemen in dieser utopischen Welt klarzukommen, um der Welt eine Überlebenschance zu geben. Nelson Mandela hat gesagt: ” Frei zu sein, heisst nicht hauptsächlich sich seiner Ketten zu entledigen, sondern auf eine Art und Weise zu leben, die Andere respektiert und die Freiheit Anderer begünstigt.

Spero tanto che tutti aiuteranno nel gestire i problemi scottanti, assieme a politici che difendono piùttosto la strategia del “gamekeeper” di quella del cacciatore, in questo mondo utopico per impartirlo una chance di sopravvivenza. Nelson Mandela hat detto:” Essere libero non vuole, prima di tutto,dire di liberarsi dalle catene, ma vivere in un modo che rispetta gli altri e favorisce la libertà degli altri!

What do you think of the following proposels of how to travel in the future?

Was denkt ihr von den folgenden Vorschlägen zum Reisen in der Zukunft?

Cosa pensate delle seguenti proposte per quanto attiene al viaggiare in futuro?


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  1. Dear Martina – I just read Joseph Campbells quote today: “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” We are most complete when we live within nature. It is a mindset, not a location. In the midst of a city life, there are opportunities to connect with the world around us. The sky, the warmth of the sun, the feeling of rain against a cheek. A lovely post – a great way to start my day.

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    • Lieber Pit, diese deine Worte freuen mich ganz speziell, weil ich unsicher war, ob es mir gelingen würde, jemanden mit so wenigen Worten zum Nachdenken anzuregen! 😀Diese neue Möglichkeit mit den „Vergleichsfotos“ finde ich auch positiv. Ich wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende. Cari saluti Martina

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    • Thank you very much, Dave, for your encouraging words:) I think that we blogers also learn a lot by preparing posts and by having the possibility to get into contact with certain people and their opinions. Very best regards Martina

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  2. “Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum.”

    I guess we all learn by trial and error, to be stubborn and persevere on it, well, too put it mildly it’s stupid.

    Nice post Martina. 🙂

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  3. It’s an interesting question you raise. All what we human beings do, is against the natural order of mother nature. That is, since we stepped out stone age. The alternative if we don’t want to create what you call a gardener’s utopia – in one way or another – is to step back to stone age. I am not saying this to defend all that goes on now and has gone on since then. On the contrary. I believe we need to find a balance in which we human beings can thrive and still not destroy mother nature.

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  4. A thought provoking post, Martina. It is true that modern men an women are the only creatures on earth that believe they can conquer nature and mould it to their personal desires and needs. Nature is striking back now and I hope changes will be made before it is too late. Children get so much pleasure from playing in nature and don’t need sophisticated items to make them happy.

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    • Yes, Roberta, children love to play in the nature and we too! I am very much afraid that the “SAPIENS” have become soo arrogant to think that they can dominate everything and that we have to pay the consequences now and in the future.
      I thank you very much for your empathy:)

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