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I’ve just finished the literature Nobel price winner’s “Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You” consisting of 13 wonderful short stories which I enjoyed a lot. “OTTAWA VALLEY” is, however, the one, which went quite under my skin. A woman speaks about her family and I’m touched by her strong feelings she continues to have for her mother long after she died. I think this story is very much in connection with the writer herself and her mother who suffered from the Parkinson disease.

“How I met my Husband” made me really smile because it shows that sometimes it’s also good not to know everything.

Ich habe soeben “Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You” von Alice Munro, der Literaturnobelpreisträgerin 2013, zu Ende gelesen. Dieses Buch mit 13 wunderschönen Kurzgeschichten hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Die Story, die mir am meisten unter die Haut ging ist “OTTAWA VALLEY”. Hier erzählt eine Frau ihre Familiengeschichte und ich bin gerührt über die starken Gefühle, die diese noch immer für längst verstorbene Mutter hat. Ich denke, dass diese Geschichte sehr mit der, der Schriftstellerin und ihrer Mutter zu tun hat, die auch an der Parkinson-Krankheit litt.

“How I met my Husband” hat mich wirklich zum Schmunzeln gebracht, weil diese Geschichte zeigt, dass es manchmal auch ganz gut ist, wenn man nicht alles weiss.

I would maybe recommend you not to read more than one of the stories in one go because one has to be very careful and concentrated and there seems to me to be the risk of overseeing important details if you try to gobble them up and the endings are not always clear, at least to me. Alice Munro’s main characters are women and it’s thrilling how she can make everyday happenings turn into real magic. Her stories are also full of very communicative silence, of signs we have to learn to read and also about ice or icicles ,which may fall onto your head in Ontario.

Ich würde euch vielleicht empfehlen nicht mehr als eine Geschichte auf einmal zu lesen, weil man aufpassen und sich konzentrieren muss und mir scheint, dass die Gefahr besteht wichtige Details zu übersehen, wenn man versucht die Geschichten zu verschlingen. Die Geschichten enden auch nicht immer, wie erwartet oder eindeutig.

Alice Munros Hauptpersonen sind Frauen und es ist spannend zu sehen, wie sie Alltagsereignisse in echte Magie verwandeln kann. Ihre Geschichten sind auch voller mitteilungskräftiger Stille, Zeichen, die wir verstehen lernen müssen oder über Eis und Eiszapfen, die euch vielleicht auf den Kopf fallen könnten in Ontario, Kanada.

As I’ve tried to find out more about this great writer I came across the following interview she gave in occasion of the attribution of this prize.

Als ich versuchte mehr über die Schriftstellerin herauszufinden, fand ich dieses Interview, das sie gab, nachdem ihr der Nobelpreis für Literatur zugesprochen wurde.

Zusammenfassung zum Herunterladen/Summary to download:Alice Monroe


I’ve also made some cards with questions and answers about the content of the video for English learners:


You can ask each other these questions and give the answers, while you are trying to understand the vocabulary.

In the meantime I’ve started to read “Dear Life” and I must admit that the touching story “Amundsen” made me somewhat shiver.

It would be a pleasure for me to hear from you which of Alice Munro’s books you can recommend.

Inzwischen habe ich begonnen “Dear Life zu lesen und muss zugeben, dass die Geschichte “Amundsen” mich schon ein wenig

zum Frieren gebracht hat. Es würde mich sehr freuen von euch zu hören, welches Buch von Alice Munro ihr empfehlen könnt.

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  1. Great post and insights on Munro, dear Martina.
    Wining a Nobel Prize as an author is definitely the highest achievement, when it comes to public recognition and honor…
    i have only read a short story by Munro, right after she had won the Nobel Prize and liked it. But I would like to have deeper understanding to make a more well grounded statement.
    It seems Canadian women are really good when it comes to literature… Margaret Atwood, for instance is another excellent writer. The handmaid’s tale and Alias Grace are two of her most well known books … they have both been released as series/movies lately.
    Thanks so much for sharing,, a most interesting post on Alice Munro!.
    Love and best wishes 😘❤️

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    • With our reading group we have read quite a number of her subtle psyological short stories, which Alice Munroe wrote about ordinary people from Ontario, her home. I remember that we always had good discussions about them !
      Thank you also very much for your hint. I must admit that I have not read any of her books so far, but I will do so as soon as possible, because the mandmaid’s tale has already been recommend. :):):)
      Another highly interesting Canadian writer is Michael Ondaatje, who wrote “The English patient”. You may have seen the great film on Netflix!
      Many thanks Aquileana, for your time given to my posts.
      Love and best wishes:):)

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