Julia Child/cooking/kitchen/11

Due to the fact that Julia really spent a lot of time in her kitchen I’ve first of all put some questions concerning that room.

I’m adding a quiz about turkey:http://www.langedi49.ch/HOUSE.htm

Describe the kitchen (The answers are here below)

1)Where is the window? Is it open or closed?

2)Are there any curtains in the kitchen?

3)How many cupboards can you see?

4)Where is the oven?

5)Is there a microwave? If yes, what’s its colour?

6)Where is coffee maker?

7)Is there a sink in the kitchen?

8)Can you see any drawers?


1)yes, closed, 2)yes, there are,3)8,4)yes, it’s between the cupords and it’s black,5)yes, 6)it’s white,7)yes, there is, 8)yes


I’ve recently seen the movie “Julie & Julia”, which stars Meryl Streep as Julia Child, this famous American lady who fell in love with the French cuisine and have therefore written a short summary of her life and an multiple choice exercise which you can correct

(level approx.B1) right online. Click here:http://www.langedi49.ch/JuliaChild.htm

Click here and you can watch a video

where Julia is explaing a recipe and do an exercise at the same time

which you can correct online: http://www.langedi49.ch/JuliaChildtrailer.htm

Worksheet:Julia Child

This link leads you to a bbc website that offers a series of recipe by young people from around the world


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