A History of the World in 100 Objects/23

I would like to recommend you the fascinating series by BBC about the 100 objects contributed by the British Museum, London and presented by its director Neil MacGregor which narrates the history of the world. Open the website:http://www.bbc.co.uk/ahistoryoftheworld/explorerflash/#/contributor/137/

and now use the scroll bar on the right hand side to choose a date/period you want to know more about. Pictures of objects appear and you should choose one of them for more detailed information to appear. On the left hand side you can see another filter window.

I, for example, wanted to know more about “THE ADMONITIONS SCROLL”, one of the most important paintings in the world which embraces three different art forms, painting, poetry and calligraphy. It’s in fact known as the admonitions by the instructress to the courtladies. It’s an ancient guide of maners and above all of morals. I recommend you heartily to download the listening comprehension.

Here is the link with the detailed information about admonition The poem was originally written approximately 290 AD to reprimand the empress Jia in China.

After having read the transcript or listened to the audio you can play the following game I’ve developed.

On the left hand side of the cards you have the first part of the sentences and on the right hand side there is the second part. Try to match the sentences!BRITISHMUSEUM

I also add a vocabulary list  in English/German/Italian which should help you to understand the transcript of “THE ADMONITIONS SCROLL”Historyofvocabulary


Open the following link and teachers will find material (lesson plans or worksheets) for their lessons in connection with the topic.



Should you rather be interested in reading the book “A History of the World in 100 Objects” by the  director of the British Museum, Neil Mac Gregor, Here is the link to a review by the Guardian.


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