The Police/every breath you take/E/I

Every breath you take-  ogni tuo respiro

If you click on you can watch a video and listen to the song “Every breath you take” and read the lyrics.

La traduzione delle parole trovate qui di sotto.

Police Every Breath You Take Lyrics

(breath –respiro, every move you make/ ogni mossa che fai)
(bond in this sensepatto)
(with every step you take/ogni passo che fai)
(every single day/ogni singolo giorno)
(every game you play/ogni giocco che giocchi)
(every night you stay Ill be watching you/ogni notte che rimani ti osserverò
(can’t you see that you belong to me/non riesci a vedere che appartieni a me)
(how my poor heart aches/come il mio povero cuore soffre con ogni passo che fai)
(and every move you make/e ogni mossa che fai/ and every vow you break/e ogni promessa che non mantieni)
(every smile you fake/ogni sorriso che pretendi)
(every claim you stake/ogni pretesa che fai)
(since you have gone I’m lost without a trace/da quando sai partita sono persa senza traccia)
(I dream at night/sogno di notte)
(I can only see your face/posso vedere unicamente la tua faccia)
(I look around but it’s you I can’t replace/quardo in giro, ma non riesco a sostituirti)
(I feel so cold and I long for you embrace/mi sento così freddo e  non vedo l’ora del tuo abbraccio)
(I keep crying baby, please/sto piangendo amore, amore p.f.)

Fill the following words into the gaps of the text about the band

the   reggae  The      500      drums      one-off      several      anniversary      sold      Wave   their      playing      The  was   Sting

Summers   earning      1977      Roxanne      trio      the      but      as      ranked      worldwide

__________(1) Police were an English rock __________(2), from London, formed originally in __________(3). The trio consisted of Sting,__________(4) vocal lead, bass guitar, Andy __________(5), guitar, vocals and Stewart Copeland, __________(6), vocals and percussion.__________(7) band became globally famous in __________(8) late 1970s and are considered __________(9) one of the first New

__________(10) groups to achieve mainstream success, __________(11) a style of rock which __________(12) influenced by jazz, punk and __________(13)The  band broke up in 1984, __________(14) reunited in early 2007 for a __________(15) world tour, going on for __________(16) months,in celebration of the 30st __________(17)  of their hit single “__________(18)” and also of their formation __________(19) a group. The Police have __________(20) more than 50 million albums  and became the world’s highest __________(22) musicians in 2008, thanks to __________(23) reunion tour.

“Every breath you take” was written by 24……………….. and was  number 84 on the Rolling Stones’ list of the  25) …………… greatest muscians of all times.

To the answers: The, trio, 1977, the, Summers, drum, The, the, worldwide, Wave, playing, was, eggae, but, one-off, several, anniversary, Roxanne, as, sold, ranked, their, Sting, 500

And here to a great website where you can train English, German (Deutsch italiano) and other languages through music.

You can choose the language and the level. Then you listen to the song and its lyrics will appear with open gaps. Try to fill them in. If you can’t do that the music will stop playing and wait for you. If you want to relisten just click on you “back space” and the same words will be repeated.If you just can’t manage to understand click on “tab” and the missing word will be filled in for you. I really think this is helpful!

I’ve is also prepared  ANGIE by the Rolling Stones on Lyricstraining:

Last but not least some questions to Rod Stewart’s “I’m sailing”:Rod Stewart

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