For information about the humorous/critical book and historical book “The slaughterman’s daughter” by Yaniv Iczkovits in English see below!

Marc Chagall mit Geige im Stadtpark von Witebsk

I have just read the following highly interesting, historical and beautiful book

The Slaughterman’s Daughter

by Yaniv Iczkovits an award-winning author and was formerly a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Tel Aviv

The story takes place in the 19th century in this country and gives much insight into the Jewish population, their culture, religion included as well as about Russia, it’s history and the secret police. The Jews seem to represent only approx. 15% of the population and they live in the Pale of Settlement, but if one needs an interpreter, a Jew shows up or if you need a train ticket, a Jew will sell you the cheapest one! It seems that if you don’t want to do business with them you had better go to the moon, but it is highly shocking to see how they sell their own poor children to the Russian army and the big conflicts this provokes within the Jewish society. It’s an absolutely creative story, because the characters are not as we think, or just good or bad, full of humour despite the fact that it speaks about very serious things, such as legal or moral justice and about the importance and courage of having once own mind! To me this book was something really special that I haven’t come across for a long time and just unputdownable!!!!

Il libro si chiama TIKKUN in italiano. Se cliccate sul seguente link c’è un riassunto molto interessante e assolutamente affasciante.

Auf Deutsch habe ich das Buch leider noch nicht gefunden!