Ticinesi emigrants


For English learners: About emigration, food, fotos, traditions, vocabulary, video

Valle Maggia 003

On our hiking excursion from Tegna to Maggia, we saw this typical house in Moghegno. You can see round stones which make it impossible for mice to climb up to the place where people lived and slept.

Unfortunately the quality of the impage is not so good!


Ticinesi emigrants:

I think this is a highly interesting series of articles and videos by swissinfo.ch which gives us the possibility to better undestand  the hardships these people went through in the hope of  escaping poverty.

Museo di Lottigna/Blenio Valley
Museo a Lottigna/Valle di Blenio

Impressionante è anche il seguente reportage di Fabrizio Fazioli sui GATTI:


And here is the story of the Bruschi family and the BLENIO BISTRO!!:
These above mentioned videos seem not to be available anymore, but I found another video where various ticinesi descendants tell their stories, among them Mr. Bruschi! https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/lives-remembered_descendants-of-swiss-italian-emigrants-tell-their-ancestors–stories/6786982

Please transform the following sentences from the past to the present tense. (For answers see below)

1.My father was from Dongio.
2.He came over at the age of 17.
3.He became a chief.
4.He used to cook for the queen.
5.In those days catering was even harder.
6.My Grandfather didn’t want to see the offsprings going off into catering.

7.Reported speech:Mr. Giuliani, president of the “Unione Ticinese”, says that ………………………………………………………………………………………..to England.

8.Mrs. Bailey says that ……………….grandfather came from the Blenio valley in 1900.

9.The grandfather took over a Restaurant in ……………………..

10.Mr. Mario Foletti ………………………………….when he first married and Mr. Demaria’s

Father went …………..and forward to Switzerland.

(Answers:1.is/2.comes/3.becomes/he cooks for/5.is/doesn’t)

(7. Mrs. Giuliani said that…../8.Mrs. Bailey said that her grandfather …./9.London/10.arrived +to)

When his mother didn’t know English well she read on a gardengate.”: “Please shoot the cat instead of “please shut the gate”!

Here you can find the following song: Vuoi venire con me in ‘Merica? Do you want to come with me to America?

Chiesa San Carlo di Negrentino/Blenio Valley/origins of Peter Bruschi

 I also include the video and story about AUNT ADELINA’S gnocchi.


Mrs. Tognola emigrated to California at the beginning of the twentiest century. She had taken a cook book with her from her familiy in Grono. Adelina got married in America, had 2 children and came back only once. After her ninetieth birthday she decided to return that cook book to her grandniece who also grew up in a restaurant like Adelina herself. Watch now carefully how the gnocchis are being prepared by Madelena.

She uses onions, bacon, chop up, soak bread in milk, bind the dough, food mill, add bacon fat, nutmeg, flour, cutting board, form sausages, pillow shape, to fry in butter, boiling water, to come to the surface, grate cheese.

On the website of  Canton Ticino, there is a list of famous ticinesi emigrants:

From Switzerland to the White House via California

Larry Stornetta even made it to receive a special award for “common sense farming” on behalf of his family.


CALIFORNIA/Here we had some coffee when we travelled to America, just for holidays!!

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