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Da es mir in Malta sehr gut gefallen hat, möchte ich zuerst empfehlen das folgende Video zum 1. Kreuzzug anzusehen, um dann die Fragen besser zu beantworten: ( Das ursprüngliche Video ist nicht mehr verfügbar.)

Klickt auf richtig, falsch oder keines von beiden.

richtig falsch
1.Der 1. Kreuzzug verlässt     Europa 1196.
2. Die Kreuzzügler bekommen von der  Katholischen Kirche  Ablass ihrer Sünden
3.Die Geschichte der Templer beginnt während der Kreuzzüge.
4. Der Gründer der Templer heisst Jacques de Molay.
5.Die Kreuzzügler veranstalten in Jerusalem ein Gemetzel. Sie töten sogar Christen.
6.Es wird 300 Jahre lang im Namen Gottes Blut vergossen.
7.Bei den Kreuzzügen will sich die Römisch -Kath. Kirche nur gegen die Mosleme wehren.
8.Die Tempelritter sind    Ketzer und Schatzjäger.
9. Der letzte Templer wird 1314 in Paris verbrannt.
Die Blaue Grotte               Der/Ein Aussichtspunkt     Das/Ein Restaurant    Der/Ein Wanderweg auf Gozo

Antworten auf Fragen zum Video.

1/F 2/R 3/R 4/F 5/R 6/F 7/F 8/-
Was hatte Saladin mit Jerusalem zu tun?
Please read the cloze (below) and fill in the gaps with following words.

from      decisive      last      800      of      in      left      Charles      Rhodes      rising      run      the      battle      Turks      for      especially      by    much      throwing      defeat      Malta      sent      about      by      and      force

This article is__________(1) the Order of St. John, Knights of Malta:

The __________(2) powers of Islam eventually expelled the knights from Jerusalem __________(3) 1291. The Knights Templar were dissolved in 1314 and __________(4) of their property was given to the Hospitaliers. On __________(5) they were forced to become more of a militarized __________(6). They withstood two invasions in the 15th century, one __________(7)  the Sultan of Egypt in 1444 and another __________(8) the Ottomans in 1480. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent had __________(9) such a force to Rhodes that it became impossible __________(10) the Hospitalier to resist. They were defeated and moved __________(11) place to place for the following 7 years, until __________(12) V of Spain, as King ofSicily, gave them __________(13).

der Kreuzritter/crusader

der Kreuzritter/crusader

The Hositaliers continued their actions against the Muslems and __________(14) the Barbary pirates. Suleiman sent in 1565  an invasion __________(15) about 40’000 men to besiege the 700 knights and __________(16) soldiers and expel them from Malta.

At first the __________(17) went very bad and half the knights were killed __________(18) most of the cities destroyed. For the Christian kings a __________(19) would have meant to expose Sicily and Naples to __________(20) Ottomans.

In the end, however, the Hospitalies succeeded in __________(21) back the besiegers, so that the situation of the __________(22) became desperate. They were sick and ammunition and food __________(23) short and they finally broke off the besiege ad __________(24).

This great Siege of Malta may have been the __________(25) action in which a force of knights won a __________(26) victory.

Answers:1=about, 2=rising, 3=in, 4=much, 5=Rhodes, 6= force, 7=by, 8=by, 9=sent, 10= for, 11= from, 12=Charles, 13= Malta, 14=especially,

15= of, 16= 800, 17=battle, 18=and,19= defeat, 20=the, 21=throwing/22=Turks/23=run/24=left/25=last/26=decisive

A harbour                    A beautiful view to the harbour entrance
This video is about the Knights Templar who, about thousand after Christ, and sent by Urban II, pledged their lives to get back the Holy land from the Sarecens. It is not about Order of St. John.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYYLCxkU3Nc

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