Maya Angelou and online learning

“I know Why the Caged Bird Sings” is a poem written by Maya Angelou and it gives me goose pimples.

On this beautiful website/you can listen to it and at the same time do many useful exercises (word revisions, matching games, crosswords etc. )in connection with the poem. (Scroll down the page)

If you also want to read the poem itself click here

Do you feel like taking part in a poll?

I’ve read Maya Angelou’s  autobiographical book from the sixties with the same name in which she explores racism, identity or rape  which she experienced in her youth in Stamps, Arkansas where she and her elder brother lived with their grandmother, and in St. Louis, Missouri where she lived with her mother and Mr. Freeman! When this “friend “of the familiy got killed Maya considered herself responsible because she hadn’t said everything in court and didn’t therefore speak for a long time. Maya was afraid of being lesbian and therefore looked for a boyfriend by whom she got pregnant at the age of 17. The caged bird is a methapher for the suffering of her race from which it is struggeling  to escape.

Here you can read chapter summaries and get other information.

I am also adding the film.

I’ve also read and written a summary of ” The Help” by  Kathryn Stocket in which racism in Mississipi in the same period is the topic.

This film is now in our cinemas with Emma Stone as Skeeter.

Last but not least on there are many other topics such as proverbs you can work on. I would like to get your comment!

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