Janis Joplin/me and bobby mc gee/E/D/


Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose!

I’ve just read that in our western societies the effort for material wealth, the dream of being extremely rich are very strong engines; this may not be new! One can now, of course, discuss what capitalism represents in the real world (President Hoover said:” The only trouble with capitalism is capitalists. They’re too damned greedy.” ) and whether free economy really exists and affirm that the Government always has its sticky fingers involved, instead of concentrating on the rules being respected.

In any case, too many cooks spoil the broth and the gap between the rich and the poor has widened and the rich “gated communities” euphemism for a bad development, has been created. As long as consumism flourished and social pension schemes/Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance (AHV) were save, there was no problem, but it could turn into one, now, if with wealth freedom itself is at risk. 

 It seems that if politics becomes something only for a rich elite, in the end there will only be the choice between repression, rebellion or desolation.

Points for discussions:

– What is capitalism?  – Could it really be that freedom is at risk? (Was ist Kapitalismus? Könnte es wirklich sein, dass die Freiheit auf dem Spiel steht?)

In this context a came across Janis Joplin and her song “Me and Bobby McGee” written by Kris Kristofferson, in which she sings “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”  If we arrive at that point, then it’s to late to change anything.

(Please translate into German or Italian.)


1) Who was Janis Joplin?

2) Do you know any other songs by her?

3) Was she politically involved?

4) Explain the following words: to feel like faded jeans, to thumb down a diesel, a bandana,

windshield, wipers, to slip away, to trade


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